Although the practice of acupuncture has been around for thousands of years, it has only been in recent decades that it has started catching the attention of the west.  The practice of traditional Chinese medicine, of which acupuncture is one of several modes of treatment, focuses on treating the whole person as opposed to a specific symptom.  The concept of holism is essential to traditional Chinese medical diagnosis.  Based on this ancient system the practitioner will asses a patients individual pattern based mainly on information gleamed from the radial pulse, the appearance of the tongue, facial complexion, as well as information given by the patient about their life.  When the practitioner has collected the information they will create a specific treatment plan customized for the individual.  For example, not all headaches are treated in the same way because not all people are the same, and the root cause of the problems may be different from case to case.  The focus is to bring the body into balance with the use of needles inserted at specific points on the body mapped out thousands of years ago by ancient physicians. The points are located on pathways of energy flow which correspond to all the internal processes of the viscera. Herbal preparations continue to balance the body after treatments and the ultimate goal is education about ways we may improve and maintain health through an awareness of key concepts.  We can all be totally healthy and vibrant, living productive and inspiring lives, and creating life-giving action that radiates into our communities.  We cannot make a difference in the world if we feel tired and sick, foggy and dazed, confused and intoxicated.   When we take care of the body we will be able to focus on living  life, rather than just coping. Let us create the bodies minds and spirits we were born to wield.

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